Royal Massage Barcelona – Outcall Massage · Thai Massage was born with the idea of providing moments of complete evasion in a busy and vibrant city such as Barcelona.

Discretion and privacy is our priority and enjoying an thai massage will be a delightful experience along with the Spanish masseuse of your election.

Our amazing Royal masseuses will greet you at the reception of our center. You will have the opportunity to meet them and select the one that fullfills your requirements.

Massage Barcelona
Massage Barcelona


Thai Body Massage:

Thai Body Massage is a fully body massage designed to relieve tension and calm the nervous system. The body-to-body ritual is a unique sensation of the thai massage that will intensify your mistic experience. The strength of massage is customized to your specific needs.

100€ / 1 hour   ·   60€ / half hour

Thai Interactive:

Enjoy perfect relaxation by a full body massage in which caresses and tender touches will be mutual. Feeling the skin of your masseuse along with body to body massage will arouse all senses taking you into a highly blissful moment.

150€ / 1 hour   ·   90€ / half hour

Massage Barcelona

Relax Massage:

Appreciate the all-over sensory experience with Thai Massage as it is highly interactive.Through the use of thai techniques and thai positions like Kamasutra (yab yum position, star position etc.) thai energy will flow through your body. In addition, receiving caresses and tender touches will bring you to a meditative state and body sensations never encountered before.

200€ / 1 hour   ·   110€ / half hour

Royal Deluxe Massage:

Royal Deluxe Massage is the most blissful experience. It includes a heavenly fully-body personalized massage with the most thai positions. This thai massage also consists of mutual caresses throughtout all the massage, interactive massage, natural warm oils…

300€ / 1 hour   ·   150€ / half hour

Massage Barcelona

Couples Massage:

This massage is performed on a tatami mat by one or two masseuses, who expertly apply hot oils by means of slow and gentle movements in order to promote maximum mental and bodily relaxation.

From 200€ / 1 hour

4 Hands Massage:

Our 4-handed massage is a unique massage therapy using two highly trained massage therapists to deliver a blissful massage of your choice. The synchronised movements enhance blood circulation and helps break down tissue build up.

From 200€ / 1 hour

Massage Barcelona

Nuru gel Body Massage

Nuru Gel is a 100% organic seawed gel that gently slides through the whole body and it also provides deep hydration at every step of the massage. Thanks to the Nuru Gel combination, the body to body massage becomes into a more intense and complete ritual that stimulates the sensitivity of the receiver

Come and discover the massage with Nuru Gel and feel new sensations…


At Royal Massage Barcelona all our private rooms are designed for your complete relaxation and privacy. Disposable materials (sheets, sandals) towels, showers etc. are provided to enjoy the most thai and thai massage with hygiene and the best company. We are a legal and serious business, therefore, you can either pay by cash or credit card.

Massage Barcelona
Massage Barcelona
Massage Barcelona
Massage Barcelona


You can also enjoy the best of our thai massages without leaving your hotel room. The masseuse of your choice will discreetly visit you at your hotel room.

Booking a massage consists of three easy steps:

  • Contact us by telephone, WhatsApp or email.

  • Let us know your hotel name, your room number and your name.

  • Your masseuse will arrive in less than 30 minutes to your hotel room or apartment.


If you need to contact us, fill out the following contact form:

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